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The City that prides itself on the length of its castle and the power of its chemical industries.
Oh dear. How shamelful.
At the age of 15 I had become deeply inspired by William Morris and the Arts & Crafts Movement, a little later reading John Ruskin. I wasn't interested in chemicals nor was I enviuos of the old people around me working in factories including my own father. Not for me I thought.
In my child's mind I came to detest the industrial revolution as did William Morris, the idea of working in factory production didn't appeal to me. I had some experience in my early twenties and know like we all do that repetitive tasks for the love of a wage will surely ruin your life. Barely out of childhood we work the cogs for a pittance. You live in crap places built specially for you so you don't have far to get to work. And then the products of the industrial revolution are enough to kill your spirit forever, cheap and unimaginative shite that you don't need. What a hell.
Thank Fuck for William Morris who helped me to love the arts and crafts.
Guided as I was by an inner spirit I instinctively knew that the power comes from within. Arts & crafts were my sole occupation from childhood and later due to me being hurt by a huge act of selfishness I discovered the "Power of Cow" which swallowed me whole in an instant, giving me the necessary energy needed to batter anything that would stand in my way including extreme depressions. Life was hard enough but I was harder. A couple of hundred years of industrial fucking revolution would not grind this bastard down.
Being an artist is as I always believed that what saved my life.
Often wanting to die it was always the inner creative spirit that kept me going. In Germany there are at least 3 million people taking "Psychopharmaka", psychotropic drugs. Not a good sign. Germany is world champion in Chemists. You don't have to walk far to find one.
So beware of Campus Burghausen my fellow students, for I never cease to study this beautiful world in detail. I have scrutinised your little city & I personally know a handful of people in Burghausen who take the wonder drug that will kill off their depression as promised by all the doctors but it will also dampen your forever youthful and creative spirit.
Better then to go into your most inner self where you will find, "wo die Chemie wirklich stimmt" where the chemistry is truly right.
Arrogance has reigned for long enough
Hard as stone. Hart wie Stein

Your heart is where it's at
Go there and stay there
You are all you ever will be
A centre of wisdom and love

Pete Kilkenny
The Little Lemon
- the place with the smaller castle

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